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COVID CONFIDENTIAL: Reducing distress during COVID-19


Before taking part in the study, please read the information below.

If you agree to all the statement, please click YES at the end of the page, and this will take you to the study. If you click NO, this will take you out of the study.

  • I confirm that I have read and understand the information provided about this study
  • I understand that my participation is voluntary and I can withdraw at any time during the study
  • I understand the nature of the research and have any questions I have about it have been addressed
  • I agree to anonymous audio-recordings of my COVID-story being stored, transcribed, and then destroyed
  • I have been informed that the information I provide will be safe-guarded.
  • I am happy for the information I provide to be used (anonymously) in academic papers and other formal research outputs.
  • I have been given the opportunity to download a permanent version of the study information (Download a PDF by clicking here)

*Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels